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Profesor Dr. Rico Gutschmidt visitará nuestro Instituto.

El profesor Dr. Rico Gutschmidt viene a nuestro Instituto a trabajar junto al profesor Dr. Hardy Neumann en un proyecto de investigación.


El Profesor Dr. Rico Gutschmidt el día jueves 02 de noviembre del presente año a las 15:30 hrs en calidad de Visiting Scholar llega desde Hamburgo, Alemania al Instituto de Filosofía para realizar junto al profesor Dr. Hardy Neumann  un Proyecto de Investigación denominado Skepticism and Negative Theology. 

Skepticism and Negative Theology

Philosophical skepticism and negative theology are both concerned with the limits of language and thought. Particularly, in their deepest and historically most influential forms both traditions are best understood not as a species of philosophical thesis, but rather as something that enables a particular form of experience and self-transformation with respect to these limits.
According to Pyrrhonism, skeptical disturbances lead to the attitude of ataraxia or tranquility. A similar therapeutic understanding of skepticism can be found e.g. in the works of Wittgenstein, Thompson Clarke and Stanley Cavell. On the other hand, negative theology is traditionally understood as a via negativa, it is a way to a deeper form of faith. This can be found in the writings of the main representatives of negative theology as Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagita, Maimonides or Nicholas of Cusa.
By means of a comparison of skepticism and negative theology, this project investigates the respective strategies of a non-theoretical, performative representation of the limits of language and thought. Not least, this will contribute to a better understanding of these limits and, thus, demonstrate the philosophical significance of negative theology.

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