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School of Construction Engineering

Since 1928

The School of Construction Engineering has been responsible for the development of the Construction discipline for more than 85 years in the PUCV. It is the first School in the country, and it was also the first program of studies to obtain the maximum undergraduate accreditation of seven years. It started its activities in 1928 as a Construction and Building Technician, with three years of studies. In 1950 the title of Civil Constructor was created, to adapt itself to the denomination adopted by the congener Schools of the University of Chile and of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. On April 26, 1977, the academic decree 46/77 that approves the university curriculum of the program of Civil Construction that, in its basic principles establishes that the career will have a duration of 10 elective semesters plus a semester of practice and qualification, creating degree lines from the 9th level, in building works, road works and hydraulic works. In 1991, it was the first to become a School of Construction Engineering.