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Postgraduate Programs

The Faculty and School of Law of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso not only train future lawyers through the undergraduate programme, it also train specialists and researchers in the field through postgraduate programs.

The PhD in Law, established in 2004, seeks to train researchers in the field of Legal Science. From a professional perspective, Phd’s in Law will continue their careers in academia or as researchers for public institutions from the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Their training also allows them to work as counsellors or expert collaborators to solve problems that arise in the application of contemporary law.

The program is recognized by the Comisión Nacional de Acreditación (University Accreditation National Commission) from 30/05/2018 to 30/05/2021.

The Master in Law, created in 2001, has a solid dogmatic-legal basis, as well as a professional orientation. This programme offers tools to allow students to face and deal with contemporary problems in different areas of the legal profession.

This goal is reached by combining lectures given by high-level academics, with professional seminars that are organized during the program.

The program is recognized by the Accreditation Agency Qualitas from 27/4/15 to 27/4/23, in its Public Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Private Law, Civil Law, Family Law and Labour Law specialization areas.

The Master's Degree in Criminal Law and Criminal Sciences, created in 2005, aims to train high-level specialists in the area of ​​substantive Criminal Law, instructing them with a solid interdisciplinary bases, being qualified to take on jobs in advisory and management tasks in the mentioned area of Law. Thus, the curriculum and program activities are fundamentally oriented towards acquiring the knowledge and skills required for an optimum performance on various fields concerning Criminal Law.

Master in accreditation process.