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School of Chemical Engineering

Materials and Solvents made functional for Engineering

This line considers the development of materials in all its states, which, thanks to their particular properties, allow to operate new processes or introduce substantive improvements to processes currently in use. The developments arise from the ideas of connecting these properties with their applications, and are based on thermodynamic studies linked to experimental developments. Main areas of application are: energy storage systems based on lithium salts, multiphase separation processes, and electrochemical applications supported by ionic liquids and catalytic materials.

Process and Modeling Simulation

This line of research begins in 2010, thinking that computer simulation is a powerful tool for solving the equations (mathematical models), which describe systems in chemical engineering. Within this line is considered the study of: the feasibility, application, scaling, limitations and optimization of the bioleaching of minerals, especially copper; the study of phenomenology, and the utility of having successful models that predict the ELV behavior of solutions with high ionic strength, and the description of the phenomena involved in physical-chemical processes by means of fluodynamic modeling.

Thermodynamics and Process Kinetics of Extractive Metallurgy

The line of research called "Thermodynamics and Process Kinetics of Extractive Metallurgy", was born in 2011 and develops the study of kinetic parameters in solid-liquid-gas systems, in high and low temperatures.