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Laboratories Faculty of Engineering

The students of the Faculty of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso have training laboratories in support of teaching in the areas of basic sciences, engineering sciences and specialty. In general, the basic science laboratories are located in those schools and external institutes that provide teaching services to the units of the Faculty of Engineering, while the specialty laboratories are located in each Academic Unit. In the case of Engineering Sciences, our School has teaching support laboratories. These laboratories, located on the second floor of the Faculty of Engineering at 2147 Brasil Avenue in Valparaíso, are the following:

  • Solid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Electrical Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
  • Laboratory of heat transfer and thermodynamics

In each subject, there is a set of experiments or essays, which are developed through practical activities designed to help reinforce, through experimentation, the knowledge of students in the engineering sciences, specifically in those belonging to curricula valid in the department.

Laboratory of Solid Mechanics

This laboratory has a set of machines and devices that allow experiments on structural elements and determine mechanical properties of materials, such as:

  • Uniaxial Traction Test
  • Uniaxial Compression Test
  • Beam Deflection Test (Statically determined and Hyperstatic)
  • Essay of Cizalle
  • Brinell Hardness Test
  • Torsion test
  • Behavior test of flat structural mLembers under load
  • Test of three-dimensional structural members under load
  • Charpy pendulum impact test
  • Determination of Thermal Expansion Coefficients

Laboratory of Electrotecnia

This Laboratory is oriented to the experimentation of electrical and electronic circuits, of electrical machines and of PLC applications.


  • Electronic trainers (A / D) Datapool 2000
  • Oscilloscopes and multitesters
  • TinaLab: Logic analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyzer
  • TinaPro: Electronic simulator for ten computers
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Three-phase machine control and drive systems


Laboratory of Fluids Mechanics

This laboratory has eight teams in which the following experiences can be carried out:

  • Circulation around singularities in a flow channel (cylinder, fins prefilter).
  • Transformation of energy in a Venturi tube.
  • Flow measurement through differential pressure, variable area flowmeter and direct measurement.
  • Determination of the characteristic curve of a centrifugal pump.
  • Loss of load in pipes and accessories.
  • Hydraulic ram.
  • Centrifugal pump systems, in series and parallel.
  • Flow measurement in gate dams, wide and sharp crown.

Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics

In this laboratory, a series of experiences related to the topics of heat exchange, energy balance and refrigeration cycle are carried out. For this, heat exchangers of the following type are available:

  • Casing and Tube
  • Vessel and Coil
  • Jacketed Vessel
  • Concentric tubes
  • Turbulent Flows
  • Plates

For the Thermodynamics area there is a demonstration team of the refrigeration cycle.