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Doctorate in Engineering Sciences, mention in Biochemical Engineering

The program is oriented to the formation of the highest academic level in the area of ​​Biochemical Engineering, preparing the doctor for both higher education and to carry out original research in a creative, autonomous and independent way. Its graduates are recognized for a deep knowledge of the discipline that manifests itself in a high capacity in the field of research and for its potential original contributions to the knowledge of Biochemical Engineering.

Their main competences are:

  • Formulate and manage projects both in applied research and in the development of biotechnological processes and innovation and technology transfer to the productive and service sectors;
  • Develop original research in their fields with autonomy;
  • Lead multidisciplinary research groups;
  • Contribute to the progress of knowledge in the discipline of biochemical engineering;
  • Integrate their knowledge with those of areas such as other specialties of engineering, biological sciences, chemistry, biochemistry and others;
  • Maintain their knowledge permanently updated in their discipline through inquiry and systematic study;
  • Integrate with the productive and services sectors, and serve as a driving force for the development and technological innovation of these areas, and
  • Serve as a link between the productive sector and the academic sector.

The academic design facilitates and enables the experience of internships in other international centers of excellence, seeking to integrate new visions and technologies. For this, links are maintained with different centers in different countries, which contributes to the students carrying out fully current, innovative and world-class research.


Doctorate in Computer Engineering

The Doctorate in Computer Engineering is a postgraduate program offered by the School of Computer Engineering, belonging to the Engineering Department. The objective of the program is to train independent, autonomous and original researchers in Computer Engineering. These professionals will acquire the capacity to generate knowledge, solve complex problems and suggest innovative solutions that involve information technologies.

The program will have two main areas of expertise:

  • Software Engineering: Person-computer interaction, Multiagent Systems, Development Methodologies, Software Quality, Databases.
  • Computational intelligence: Optimization with restrictions, Operations research, Image processing, Signal processing, Pattern recognition.

The purpose of the program is to train high-level graduates in the area of ​​Computer Engineering, with special emphasis on applied research and technology transfer.



Doctorate in Biotechnology

This program, given jointly by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV) and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), trains researchers capable of intervening in the development of genetically modified organisms, in a theoretical and experimental way, providing originality in both innovation and technological management of bioprocesses as in the creation and transfer of knowledge for the development to and from the academy.


Doctorate in Industrial Engineering

The purpose of the Doctorate in Industrial Engineering is to train graduates with solid scientific and disciplinary knowledge, able to carry out autonomous and independent research, make significant and original contributions to the advancement of knowledge, the development of the Academy, and the generation of approaches and methods of solution for relevant problems in the field of application of the specialty.

The Program trains graduates both to join the academic staff in higher education institutions and research centers, as well as to integrate and lead teams linked to R + D + I work in organizations of the private or public sector. The research focus of the Program is on the Design, Planning and Management of Supply Networks.