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General Information


For tourists from abroad, the starting point is the international airport Comodoro Arturo Benítez. From there, you can get transportation services to Viña del Mar or Valparaíso - it is advisable to schedule your departure a few days in advance in, for example, Rutas Chile or Transfer Ruta 68-. Entrances to both cities are located on Route 68.

Both cities are connected by a metro line with twenty stations, which pass from localities in the interior of the Region, through the center of the garden city and to the port. To make use of this transport, it is necessary to have the Metro Valparaíso card. More information at

Also, there are different urban public transportation lines, buses that run the streets of Viña del Mar and Valparaiso. These reach more specific places than the Metro, so they are a good complement to the previous one. Among these transportation lines are also trolleybuses, typical vehicles of Valparaíso. More information at



Cambios San Juan, Arlegui 635, oficina 208.

Cambios Viña, Arlegui 651, local 1.

Cambios Turiscamb, Arlegui 646, oficina 410, galería Somar.

Cambios Afex, Arlegui 690.

Cambios Andino, Arlegui 674-676.

Cambios Guiñazu, Arlegui 686.

Cambios Inter, 1 Norte 655-B y Quinta 177.

Cambios Baltazar, Quinta 111, local 7.

Cambios AMB, Av. Valparaíso 651, Store 5, Florida Gallery.



Caja de Cambios Lagos Borgoño, Cochrane 854.

Exprinter Cambios, Prat 895.



Clínica Ciudad del Mar, 13 Norte 635, Viña del Mar.

Hospital Clínico Viña del Mar, Limache 1741, Viña del Mar.

Clínica Miraflores, Los Fresnos 275, Viña del Mar.

Integramédica, 13 Norte 853, 4th and 5th floors, Viña del Mar.

Clinhe, 13 Norte 992, Viña del Mar.

Edificio Médico Prosalud, 14 Norte 571, Viña del Mar.

Clínica Valparaíso, Av. Brasil 2350, Valparaíso.



Police (Carabineros de Chile): 133

Firefighters: 132

Ambulance: 131



The University does not have parking facilities for visitors, but in neighboring areas are the following options:

To one side of the University by 12 de Febrero Street, between Brazil and Pedro Montt. Parking with parking meter.

Portal Valparaíso: Parking spaces located in front of the University by avenue Argentina, in the commercial center that houses Jumbo stores, Paris, Easy and other smaller premises. Hourly rate.